We do the technical work of keeping your data flowing cleanly.

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Your Digital Plumbers

We get dirty configuring your systems so you can thrive.

From configuring the most basic aspects of your Google Workspace administration through the most complex and advanced automated text-based workflows, our job is to make it easier for you to do yours.

Social Media Marketing is often about doing more with less. The more valuable your time and hourly rate is, the more you will want our team to use the tool on your behalf.

Everything Email

Don't just post and hope. Our app will provide post-level analysis to help you determine what times of posts are working when. Our advanced services include our team of experts who will turn this analysis into action for you.

Text & Telephone

Our platform allows you to connect your Google Analytics and other web analytic tools to actively measure the level of ROI that you are achieving from your organic social media efforts.

Digital Workflows

Promoting Media across different social platforms is made simple with our app. Yet having unique custom content created to share is more important.

Grow your business hassle-free

Your social media profiles and content are your windows to the world. Your office lobby or TV use to how you shaped a client's first impression. Now it is your social media accounts.

The growth of your business relies on the strategies you use to market online. It is a prudent decision to invest in social media marketing as a way to reach a wider target audience and grow your business organically online.

Our advanced reporting and analytics assure that your social media reach and effectiveness continue to improve every month.

Why Rel@xNet

We take care of everything for you.

We craft a well-planned, audience-specific campaign from start to finish that will generate the most interest and leads.

Effective Digital Strategies

Our expertise is creating engaging social media campaigns that amplify our clients’ presence and influence, while maximizing return on investment. Our unique take on social media management means you get a strategic solution that works optimally with your budget. You have a business to run, let us handle your social media presence and start driving results.


Google Workspace

As a Google Authorized Reseller, our expert team will manage your existing or new Google Workspace, while showing you ways to optimize the Google Workspace Platformwithin your current business.

Automated Workflows

We can help you set up accounts in social media platforms where your target audience is most likely to be.

Multichannel Communications

There are a number of steps that go into setting up social media profiles. Proper configuration can help ensure your profile attracts the right kind of attention for your business.

Integrated Pipelines

Our goal is to help you reach your audience in a way that resonates with them. To ensure that we achieve this, we create a customized strategy for each business.

Advanced Funnels

By sharing your content across several social networks, we don’t only increase your exposure and build your brand, we are also able reach a larger and wider audience.

Consolidated Analytics

We offer analytics that help measure the social media strategy’s effectiveness. Tracking the right metrics allows you to identify opportunities and give you clarity into future decisions.

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