About us

Relax Networking is a passion project resulting from years of frustration over attempting to find a better way for individuals to connect with local professionals. Local networking groups have been around since the dawn of business, yet they are often in direct conflict with the power of digital marketing. Unfortunately, professionals rely solely on digital marketing often end up working strictly remote with distant clients breaks, which breaks down many of the key advantages of being a trusted local professional.

Thus Relax Networking was born to combine the best of both worlds. We offer the support, scale and technical expertise of a national organization while encouraging our chapters to also be hyper-local meeting local clients face to face.

Key points about Relax Networking.

  • Although the members are encouraged to share leads, the bulk of the leads result from the group working together to help produce a steady flow of top quality original local content.
  • Individual members are only required to produce content a few times a year and only on the matters that they are experts. Yet the chapter as a whole is continuously producing content and thus are continuously generating new leads for the chapter to share.
  • This unique high-quality content is further promoted with a very targeted hyperlocal digital advertising campaign to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Finally, the overall network effect of the syndicated original local content creates synergies and lead generation which benefits every member of the chapter.
  • Although each chapter gets the exclusive rights to a single zip code, not every zip code will be deemed appropriate to support a Chapter, which results in additional neighboring leads.
  • Each chapter is locally run and has a founder who starts the chapter and acts as the president until they choose to resign the role.
  • Chapters will have only one member for each professional specialty, and no more the 15 total members. (15 properly minimizes the required content generation while maximizing the quantity and quality of leads.)
  • Chapters will be locally managed and run to assure that chapter best represents the desires and needs of its members and the local community the chapter is serving.
  • The chapter will hold a weekly Zoom meeting, 3 times a month with limited excused absences. (Members failing to meet their obligations to strengthen the group can be asked to leave by Relax America management in partnership with local members.)
  • One member at each weekly zoom meeting makes a presentation to the group pitching their services or products which is recorded and edited to be used as content for the group to promote.   
  • The chapter will host a monthly public meetup during the second Thursday of the month. This is where members not only meet in person but are encouraged to invite the referrals for the other chapter members.
  • The meetup topics are varied and timely for that time of the year. The strategic meetup schedule assures that all members are provided the opportunity to showcase their expertise at a live meetup event and the group has new leads at the meetups. 
  • A portion of all dues, (greater the 50% once the chapter reaches member capacity) is spent on local digital marketing designed to promote the chapters live events and member promoting professional subject matter content.

Visit Starting a Chapter to learn more about how you can start a local chapter. 

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